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Today it’s hard to imagine having a business without a website.  However, it’s hard to believe that so many companies have outdated and poorly design websites. Why?  We’re not sure.  But here’s some clear reasons why you should contact us about your website:

  1. We design our websites for user functionality and ease of experience.
  2. We build our sites on the most technologically current, scalable, manageable and cost effective platforms.
  3. Our sites are Responsive so they work on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  4. We have build in Content Management so you can make content revisions on your own if you choose.
  5. The investment will last for years so it is possible that the most functional and important marketing tool of your business will be the least expensive.

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May Sky has worked closely with businesses of all sizes and has built smaller websites with 15 pages to huge sites with over 300 pages. We provide full project management, front and back end design and programming. We have also worked as part of a web development team, handling graphic design duties and preparing files for outside programmers. Here’s how we approach a new website:

(Use an image of the evolution of man 6 steps and have a down pointing arrow from each “person” to the corresponding copy. Copy should be in column form underneath the arrow. This might serve best as a graphic element. Or just place a # above or below the “person” in the evolution of man and then have the corresponding # further down numbers like I have here now.)

  1. GOALS. What are the macro and micro goals of your website? This helps us design and develop your user experience.
  2. DESIGN. We then design Homepage concepts and interior page concepts to develop a site aesthetic.
  3. ASSETS. Now it’s time to gather images, copy and other tools to fill in the site map with content.
  4. MERGE. We then bake all elements together resulting in a complete website.
  5. LAUNCH. We then press the Launch Button. Actually there is no button, it’s sort of a click.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your company goals
and how a May Sky website will help you achieve them.

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