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David Barton Gym has long been considered one of the premiere health clubs in the US.  The David Barton Gym brand began in NYC and developed right along the fashion, music and entertainment industries.  A combination of chic and edgy, zebra prints, skeleton chairs and gold leaf decorate the spa, weight rooms and showers.  It’s a specific kind of place.  May Sky was asked to come on board when new gyms were being opened and gym membership numbers were struggling.  David Barton Gym has always treasured its trainers, some of the best in the world, and wanted to develop a national campaign to drive members to sign up for training packages.  We developed the “Love Train” campaign supported by web content development which led to gift cards, major in house posters, T-shirts, display tables and much more.  Enrollment spiked, training packs were purchased and overall gym love spread across the land.


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