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Sure, you know what you’re all about but does your target audience?  That’s branding.  And great branding needs brand development. Companies big and small need a plan of action when it comes to their brand image.  How do consumers perceive your company or service?  Are you top of mind when they say “I want to join a health club!”  If not, hope that you are not a health club.  Our goals have been the same since our inception:

IDENTIFY our client’s Points of Difference in the market;

NURTURE those differences into communication for a targeted consumer.

To accomplish this, we educate ourselves with market research, available data, client interviews and more so that we are experts on your company and business sector.  We then develop Position Statements and comparisons to competitors and carve out a place that is unique to you.  Armed with this information, we develop a plan on how to communicate and finally we execute the plan.

May Sky has helped build new and faltering educational institutions into leaders, identify and reach new customer bases for landmark restaurants on the decline, help build rural family dairy farm products into metropolitan chic heath food items and much more. Let’s talk about your company, product or service.

Give us a call or send us an email today and let’s get started.

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