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Blogging is a cost effective and fantastic way to associate your company and brand with a specific topic and to increase your website’s Search Engine Optimization. Problem is that many people do not have the time to dedicate to blogging. This is where we come in quite handy. An active blog will help build your reputation and also increase traffic to your website. In addition, blogging places you at the heart of web communication and this can lead to interviews, other writers/bloggers using your blog as a resource, business leads, and much more.

May Sky’s writing team has developed individual blog posts as well as full blog platforms for our clients. When creating a blog platform, we strategize a plan that consist of written blog entries, photos, video, and curated articles and content from other sources that support the various topics the client blog is focused upon. Our blog schedule allows for the client to approve all blog topics and content before uploading.

Contact us today about what it would take launch a new blog or support what you have going right now.

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